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'47 and Feeling Fine!!

Hey its November, can't believe how fast this year has gone by. But I am going to go out with a bang, and unearth some really cool stuff, before the year is over. I found this little Gem the other day, you got to love the Patina, this is Real Patina, not the fake stuff like I see so often, real deal, just the way I like them. You got to love the Jail Bars Grill on these 1942-47 Ford F1's.

Here is the Video of my first site of the truck. After getting it home, I am still in love with it!

Pretty impressive don't you think? The hood is up in the rafters. This is going to be one sweet little ride!!! You don't see these trucks very often honestly, because from about halfway from 1942-45 there were no Civilian models, everything was geared to building vehicles for WWII. In 1946, production started back up, to finish these trucks. So basically even though it was a 1942-47 model, you only see early 1942, 1946 and 1947 Models, This being the last year of this model.

Here we are all loaded up, I had to take it down the street to finish strapping it down. Love the old trains in the back ground? The truck was in Garibaldi, Oregon, and there is a train museum them, really cool if you ever get the chance to go there.

I love to do a little site seeing when I go places, there is lots of history and cool stuff in any town I visit, you just have to look for it.

The Air Museum is really neat, because they used to house Blimps there in the huge building during WWII

First time I ever say this place was a while back, and when I saw that building I was amazed. Check out the Erickson Mini Guppy or MG. this is nothing Mini about it, lol.

Yeah those kind of Blimps, very cool, lots of history right here in Oregon. I think you can see US NAVY on the side of it. You mention Blimps to kids today, they think you are talking about Blimpie Sub Sandwiches, lol.

Here is the owner of the truck, Mary, what a great lady. Here brother as there right by her side helping her. Her husband owned this truck for this last 10 years. The history of the truck goes back to 1955, were it was in Molalla, OR. A family friend owned the truck since then. And Mary's husband always wanted that truck, so if they ever decided to part with it, her husband said we want that truck. Well after being parked in in the old barn since the 1960's, the dream came true 50 years later. This was their pride and joy, always hoped to get it back in tip top shape and road worthy. It was time to pass the torch, and she was happy that we got it, and will put it back on the road, and keep the Patina, and build it the way her husband would have loved to see it.

On our way home, we stopped by this place called Beckers Cabins & Auto Camp. This Auto Camp was brought back by the Horine Family, They have some great collectibles.

Well we had to pick up a little something at Beckers, check out the 6' Texaco Sign, double sided Porcelain Sign. It is bigger then it looks, the nose of our little F100, is trying to steal the show!

ALSO if you are in that area, Tillamook-Garibaldi, Oregon, check out Tillamook Cheese Factory, Garibaldi Maritime Museum, and Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad.

Thats it for now, Over and Out, have a great Weekend, Jason - DENWERKS

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