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DENWERKS 1930's Flashback

Believe it or not, I been scurrying around old barns, country roads, going on wild goose chases my whole life. I am currently at Stock #975, almost hitting 1000 Vintage Rigs in the 14 years in business, never thought I would be able to fill up this old barn behind our house with some of the coolest cars on the planet. Best thing is I get to enjoy them one at a time, then I have the pleasure of finding the perfect home for each one.

So I figured why not show you some of my favorite ones that have ever passed through my hands, the ones, that honestly I should have kept. We will start with a few of my 1930's finds.

Above was one of my favorites. Its a 1936 Ford 5 Window Coupe. It was built into a Hot Rod around 1955, built in Southern California. A gentleman from Salem, Oregon, yep where we are located. Went down to California with is wife, and bought the car, and drove it home. They used to put there new born son in the package tray behind the seat, when they went to car shows and drive - ins, that was the times, today could you imagine the looks from folks. He built it into a Drag Car, around 1965. It was running a Chevy 383 with Cross Ram Dual Carbs, 727 Trans. This was exactly the way the car looked when I bought it, less the dust, what a time capsule. I will write a full Blog post on it some day, stay tuned, it is a cool car, and is still In the Portland Area.

This was a 1938 Bantam, called the Phantom Bantam. 1st time I ever saw this car was at the Portland Roadster show, super cool. I had to have it, the Builder Jonah Meade of Royal Customs, out of Vancouver, WA built the car. The guy can build, he wanted to keep this car traditional with vintage speed parts only. I didn't touch a thing on it, kept it just like he had it. It is running a 327, Pete Jackson Injection with Hilborne goodies, Magnesium Wheels. Just a killer car. I sold it a later to a guy in Canada. While I had it, that Gas Monkey Guy on Fast and Loud called me trying to buy it, I obviously didn't make a deal with him, I know how to do this stuff myself. A few years later I was sitting watching TV, and saw it on Hardcore Pawn Shop, that TV Show in Detroit, it was pretty neat to see it again. Where is it now I have no clue.

Loved this car, bought it from a friend of mine in McMinnville, Oregon. 1930 Ford Model A, with 100% original paint, what a car. I lowered it a bit in the front, it was already running a Rubber Rake, which looked great. Today I would probably run Black wall tires though, my taste are starting to change a bit. I had the seat and door panels done in a deep maroon. At the time it didn't have a title, so I had to do a lot with DMV to get it all sorted out. It headed over to Germany about 8 years ago.

Oh yeah, 1936 Ford 3 Window Coupe. This was a beauty, it is sitting in a beautiful garage now in Germany. I got this car about 2 years ago. A good friends cousin owned it for over 20 years. Just an amazing car. When I got it, the headlights were switched over to a modern light, so I converted back to the bubble original lights, which looked so much better. Very original car, only painted 1 time in its life.

This one was great, 1931 Ford Model A Roadster. I didn't do to much to this one honestly besides interior and hooked up the 3 deuces, it was running only off the center one. When I got it, there was no interior in it. I shouldn't have said no interior, well a Mexican blanket which was kind of cool. So I went with a Red and White theme, and trunk area to match. Again today, if I had it still, I would do the interior way different and run black wall tires, still a cool car.

That's it for now, I could go on and on for the next 10 years.

Thanks for reading, Jason

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