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Little Buggy off to a new home, vintage License plates for sale, a 1966 Ford F-250, AND bowling Ball

Our little 1965 Volkswagen hit the road yesterday heading back to it's homeland of Germany! I doubt it's been to Germany yet, but it soon will be!

We have a pretty neat truck coming up on bring a trailer.

She's a 1966 Ford F-250. Our hopes is she will be up within the next two weeks or so. (Dont confuse her with our Ford F-100 we sold last week; they are pretty similar)!

(1966 F-250)

(1964 F-100)

Interested in some vintage License plates? We have em! Most of them are from Oregon, but we do have a couple from different states including California! Go check em out on our Ebay store HERE

Hope everyone has a great weekend and you dont have a bowling ball go through your window like I did last weekend!

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