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DENWERKS $29 Quick professional Appraisal at your finger tips!

Have a car to sell or just want to know what the thing is worth? Maybe you found something on Ebay, Bring a trailer or Craigslist and your wondering "is that really worth the price?" Look no further. Send us some pictures and we can have a professional look at it for you. You can even send us the link to the ad if you have one.

We get calls all the time, from nice folks like yourself, that want advice on why their car is not selling, and obviously they come to us, because we have pretty good success because we been doing this for 15 years. We've worked with a variety of cars and we sell them all the time. We can help you with your writing and include information that is important to buyers.

For instance on this truck, they are asking $12,000, but we need more information about its condition. There are a lot of unknowns here, with only 6 pics. We also noticed there is some rusting near the fender well in this picture which depreciates the value of the car.

Want to know what DENWERKS would pay for something? We can tell you what we think something is worth so you can bid with confidence on what your paying for!

From Craigslist to Facebook, or to Ebay. We can help. The more pictures the better we can appraise something.

You work hard for your money, so for $29, that is pretty cheap for some sound advice. I can spot a Scam out right away, so let me check it out for you.

Want more info on an appraisal? Click HERE.

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