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1966 Ford F-250 up for Sale, Saying bye to the 280z, and hello to the new (to us) 1958 Cadillac Coup

Today our 95th car on went live! Were getting closer to the 100th mark! This sweet little pickup was found just outside Eugene, Oregon on a family farm. This gorgeous truck was one family owned, passed down from father to son and has been well maintained throughout the years! The trucks been so well kept it had to be garaged most of it's life. Miles rolled over once, so we believe it has about 135,000miles. Click the picture below to see the auction or click here.

This week we also sold our Datsun 280Z on bringatrailer. Pretty sad to see it go but its going off to Holland to be worked more into a race car. Just like all projects your never EVER finished!

We got another cool rig coming up soon a 1974 Maverick Grabber!

Jason and I were driving down the street this morning and about scared me to death when he yelled "PULL OVER!" as we drove by this sweet 1958 Cadillac. We looked under this 5th generation Cadillac that ran from1957 1958 and saw a nice 365 V8 engine. Truly an incredible year for Cadillac. Jason's heart was jumping out of his chest when he saw it; he had to have it! Hopefully this will be our Hundreth car on!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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