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1978 Datsun 280Z Success Story

Our 1978 Datsun 280Z went off on a long road trip to it's new home today. Rian and Maarten came all the way from the Netherlands to pick this bad boy up. As always Stanley got the better deal than all of us; they brought dog treats and a new toy for Stanley to enjoy. I still got lucky too as They brought me a large box of one of my favorite case of Rootbeer (all rootbeer is accepted in my garage)!

(Far Left) Jason (Lower left) Stanley the dog (left) Rian & (right) Maarten as they begin to embark on their journey down the west coast to SF, Las Vegas, and LA, before heading back to the Netherlands.

The Datsun is off to Holland, The Netherlands were it will be used as a race car! The adventure just keeps on going for this car. We look forward to seeing more photos once it arrives to Holland!

Stanley's treats and my box of root-beer

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You can also check out a short video below.

Shout out to Ackerman Garage for sharing this car with us. It's been a pleasure helping sell this great 280Z!

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