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Two Original Survivors join the DENWERKS Collection

This morning I headed to the exhaust shop to look at my 1966 Ford 7 litre, yeah 428 car, she deserved some new pipes after all the work we have done to her. On the way home, I decided to take some side streets and do what I do best. I call it Trolling, my self, some other might call it stalking, lol. What are the chances, that you can buy 2 Original Survivor cars with in 5 miles of each other, and buy both within 1/2 time, well today that happen, unbelievable! My first find: I pulled up to a stop sign next to what looked like an abandoned building and saw this beautiful pickup Toyota Pickup in some old abandoned car lot. I peeked through the window and She only had 83,000 original miles!

I went knocking on every door this building had till I found the owner of the little pickup, we was working in the back of the shop. He was very hesitant of selling her as she was his daily driver but we ended up winning him over! All original paint, nice interior and clean little bed for a pickup!

On the way home from picking up the Toyota I saw something else that caught my eye! Packed in behind a bunch of cars beside a house, i could see a swoopy roof line that looked familar, it was a 1968 Toronado! I walked up to the front door to be greeted by a nice gentleman with a shotgun. lol. Can't be too careful these days! We laughed and talked for awhile before coming up with a number to buy the Toronado. He had said it hasn't been started in a couple of months but we went right out there and she started right up! That's what you like to see when your looking for a worthy classic car!

We discussed a price and I took the deal quick before he got his shotgun back out! Jokes aside the Toronado drove home and now they're both sitting in my shop being prepared.

The cool thing is both of these are survivor cars! It's even cooler that I found them both on the same day! everyday is a new adventure at DENWERKS Vintage Car Shop!

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