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Restoring a Stolen Mustang to it's previous Glory

A couple months ago a friend of mine had his 1966 Mustang stolen out of his garage in the night. The thieves stripped the car down, cut out the trunks lock, and slashed the framework leaving some pretty nasty work that needed to be repaired.

The mustang when she first arrived at our shop.

We had the vehicle delivered to us and this is how we got it. The Exhaust pipe was dragging underneath and the body wasn't in that great of shape. The body was in pieces. We knew it would be a long time before this would be back on the road and the work wasn't going to be the easiest; but we took on the challenge.

Notice how low the exhaust pipe was. It was dragging pretty good!

We worked on the car for about 3-4 months; fixing and repairing the frame work and body. We installed a new hood and trunk as the trunk lid was ruined from the thieves cutting out the lock.

The paint was pretty much ruined on the car and the car was going to have to be repainted. We took our time with it and reassembled the entire front end.

When we were finally finished the car was taken out to get a new paint job. We haven't seen the car in about 2 months now; until this morning when she rolled back into our shop. The transformation was unbelievable.






Believe it or not this is the same car today. We just installed the new hood pins this morning. After a long journey of about six months she is returned and looking better than ever.

No more dragging exhaust pipe!

Before and After of the front end.

Even though something horrible happened to my friend he didn't lose hope in his Mustang. He stayed positive and fixed it up. Dont lose hope in a hopeless situation. There's always better days like this one.

Hope Everyone has a wonderful weekend!

What do you think of the transformation? Have questions? Comments? Let us know what you think! Tell your friends to subscribe to the blog for more stories like this one!

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