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Denwerks - Saturday Coffee & Donuts!

Hey, check this out, we are planning on having weekly news letters sent out every Saturday morning each week from now on, We Promise this time!!! This way you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and donuts while seeing what we've been up to!

Something cool rolled into Denwerks this week....

A 1968 Camaro Track car, been in the family for 25 years! Were getting her suited up and ready for BaT ( soon!


Life in the Shop

Here's our 1964 Buick Electra 225 conv, up on the lift getting ready for Bring a Trailer! I also finally caved and bought a brand new tractor. As you can see I've been using it quite a bit hence the dirtiness.


WWII BRITISH G.R.I 8 MKII 12" BAYONET 1944 R.F.I. With Scabbard $139.99 USA shipping!



Whats Live Now

Click the image

1976 XJ12 Jaguar LIVE - Ends September 24th


This Weeks VIP

Sir. Wayne Ackermann - Ackmanngarage (Instagram)

Wayne stopped by to see what we were working on in the shop but most importantly to see what Stanley was up to. Oh and by the way, he made us a proposal today, stay tuned to see what he is dropping off next week! Also, Check Wayne out on Instagram so I can charge him for advertising his page. 😂😂

Who Let the Dogs Out - Woof Woof Woof!!!


Silly Laws

Apparently it is illegal to tie a dog to the roof of you in Alaska. But my question is what about the Bumper? Remember National Lampoons Vacation, poor aunt Ednas dog!!!

....Shut your mouth son.... Explain this you SOB....How do you think that little dog feels....Poor little guy probably kept up with for a mile or so.....Tough little Mut!!



We have a Throwback to some of our cars we had YEARS ago. Ebay 2014; a 1976 Jeep Wide Track S Cherokee. Original paint, Survivor, they don't get any better then this!!!

What did it sell for?? Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to See what it sold for!



If your interested in any of these vehicles please contact us through the contact page or call Jason at 503-910-2085.

1923 Model T Touring $15,900 or Best Offer

If your interested please contact us through the contact page or call Jason at 503-910-2085.


U Snooze U Lose - Just SOLD

1991 BMW 318is 5-Speed

Sold on Wednesday 9/19 for $12,650!





Oh By the way we love "The Office' around Here - Have a Great Weekend!!

ANSWER: 1976 Jeep SOLD FOR $10,000!

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