Denwerks - Mr. Goggly Eyes!

Lots of action this week at Denwerks, making a lot of headway here in the shop. Pretty excited about all the cars that are showing up, what a great job we have here, not often you get to drive a Tin Lizzy, then hop in a thunder roaring 68 Camaro Track car, then finish off the day in a little 1939 Thames 10 hp Panel all in the same day. We like a lot of different cars around here, that is what keeps life exciting!!

I like to call this old '23 Model T, Mr. Googly Eyes!! It makes me wonder if any of this little sweetie pies previous care takers ever noticed the headlights. We unloaded it off the trailer and it was sitting there looking great in the shop, then I noticed why is that thing looking at me funny!! I was thinking to myself, is the whole front end tweaked? As we looked closer, this thing has 2 different headlight stands, one is 3 inches higher. I wonder if it came off the assembly line this way? I can tell you this, there is no way it is leaving the Denwerks Shop looking like it just came out of a Bar Fight!!!!


Now this is pretty cool, not to often my little Saab 900 Turbo gets to stare down a GT3RS, wow what a car. But if you look just head of the Porsche, there is something actually really interesting. I believe it is a HO4S Sikorskey S55, if you go to my Instagram page a have a video of it starting up, pretty cool!!!



You've probably seen this on here before but were getting really close to getting this puppy on BaT (bringatrailer). 1964 Chevy Impala SS Convertible, and yes its got a 4spd!

I showed you this bad boy last weekend, but we have done away with the Baja Wheels, and went back to original Steel with Correct Poverty Caps, it looks great, stay tuned, you should see under the hood, keep an eye out for this one.

Just made a deal on this one today, beautiful 1966 VW Bug, this is really a nice car, underneath is just as clean, someone is going to be very happy to get this car.


What's for sale on Ebay?

Hard to find, 1970 Toyota Corona 1900 Grill, believe it fit the RT60, RT70 Mark II.



Saw this the other day, and look right next to it, 2 super early Ballon tire Honda ATC90's, believe me, one of these might be coming home with me, awesome!! When I was a kid, my grandparents has a Big Red, which was around 1982, it was a pretty cool machine. Word of caution, don't put your foot down, if you feel like its going tip over, ask me how I know, I been run over many times, just pulls you right off the bike and gives you one serious back rub!


AUCTIONS: Whats Live Now

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1956 Jeep Willys CJ5


1956 Jeep Willys CJ5

Comes with a white top. Very clean and very original! See it NOW on! ENDS Click below to see auctions.


2002 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird Pace Car

Running this week a 1 of 22 Pontiac trans Am Firebird's from the California Speedway in 2002. Super rare; super fun to drive. Check it out on NOW!


This one we just finished the final touches, and it will be ready to be auctioned this coming week. 1976 Chevrolet C20 Camper Special!


Root-beer Drinking Bulldog

Stanley loves a good rootbeer. The classic is the best way to go though A&W. We actually have a local A&W near Salem that's setup just like it was back in the day. You drive in and park and order through the speaker, only thing missing is the roller skates. They come out with the trays and attach them to your car window. It's a retro experience. Most of all the food is unlike any other A&W and the Rootbeer is made right there in the store. I still love the Papa Burger by the way, Can't beat it! Oregon is a magical place!