Denwerks - Skeleton in the Beetle

Things are getting pretty Spooky here at Denwerks! Stanley was so scared of the Skeleton, if his tail was long enough it would have been between his legs. But when I took the treat bag out (looked like real Bacon)and put a treat in the skeleton's mouth he didn't have an issue Locking Lips with it. I had a video of it, but thought we better not show it, not sure how many youngsters subscribe to our blog, lol. That was not a site you would want to see and I am a little embarrassed to say I saw it honestly, believe me, my eyes are still burning, and that poor skeletons teeth are still chattering, lol.

You can see here he is pretty disappointed the Skeleton didn't feel the same way!!!



Over the next couple of weeks we've got some cool rigs coming up! Some folks ask me, how do you find this stuff. I do a lot of door knocking, pulling up along side of folks, yelling, "Hey you want to Sell that thing!!" I get a lot of strange looks, until they see the cash. LOL!!!! Here are are that I have checked out this last week, 2 were under tarps, so wasn't sure what they were until I lifted it off.

I ran into this the other day, I was cruising around and saw a guy out in his driveway, and I spotted something, so I had to take a closer look. You don't see these very often, honestly really rare site. Its a 1965 Datsun NL320, there is only around 1000 of these imported into the US, and most on the west coast. If you look closely this is a Unibody pickup, pretty neat old rig. I believe these were built from 1963-65, but all were imported as 1965 models, so some you will see with 1963 grills, which would have a short grill with stand alone turn signals.

While driving home one day, I looked down an alley way, and was like what is that. As I got closer, it had a tarp on it, and I could only see the bottom of the tires. And the shape was interesting to me. My first guess was a Goliath, not sure why I thought that just came to mind. Then I thought Simca, both something you wouldn't normally see around the states. So the next day I swung by and knocked on the door. (I got a cool story about the next door neighbor I will tell you about some day, really cool story) Anyways, the folks that owned it, said yeah maybe well sell it. So we pulled the tarp off, and I was wrong, lol. It was a 1956 Hillman Minx! If you google the other cars, you can see they are similar, especially under a tarp, I am usually pretty good, but missed this one.

Here is another one I saw cruising around. Funny I saw this driving around, so I flipped around the corner, to see if I could catch it, no where to be found, how does a rig like this disappear so fast, look at it, looks like a huge double decker whale. I love this thing actually, they are not ready to sell. It looks cool but it has a body damage on the other side, that is pretty bad, but left my number so maybe you might see it in the Denwerks lineup some day.



1966 VW Beetle Deluxe - We just brought this sweetheart home the other day, what a nice bug, seriously they best driving, cleanest bug we have ever owned, we got her all prepped and ready to roll.

Can you believe it? I only bought 1 car this week!!


What's for sale on Ebay?

1959 1960 Columbia Cyclorama Bicycle Brochure $25

This is a pretty cool original catalog. I got this with a bike that I bought about 6 years ago. Found the bike in this guys garage, while buying the family 1966 Catalina. I was like, "I got to have that bike". He says, "hey I even have 2 brochures of when my dad bought it new!!" I sold the bike a few years later, and kept one of the duplicate brochures for one of my other bikes, but as with everything, out with the old and in with the new, this is a neat piece though.

Check out our other stuff on EBAY!!



I've been looking for a new bottle of blinker fluid for awhile now! It's super rare which is sad because you need it for your blinkers to work. I had to drive my car over a couple thousand blinks because I couldn't find it anymore. Luckily I found some online on Ebay for $8.95 and free shipping! My blinkers were starting to dim down and im surprised I didn't cause any accidents by going in and out of lanes! Thankfully this stuff is MAX STRENGTH so my blinkers are blinking brighter than ever! Click the image to order yourself some max strength blinker fluid! Make sure to count each blink so you know how many blinks you have left! 😉

(WARNING LABEL : May cause your blinkers to come on and off, may cause blinkers to not work at all, May cause your car to not start if filled incorrectly; please consult your local mechanic for details on how to properly install your blinker fluid)

DENWERKS is not responsible for misuse of blinker fluid.



1968 Camaro Track Car - Take about a Machine, WOW!!!!! See it very very soon on Bring a Trailer Auctions. Watch for it in this link - DENWERKS LIVE AUCTIONS

1964 Impala Super Sport Convertible. This one is coming up this week also on auction, going live at the beginning of the week. Keep a Watch for it at this link DENWERKS LIVE AUCTIONS

1966 Volkswagen Beetle, I know you already seen glimpses of this on our Instagram page, and here in the blog, but it is going live this coming week, keep an eye out for our auction here: DENWERKS LIVE AUCTIONS