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Denwerks - Staney & Snuggle Buns, the New Tom & Jerry Show!

These two run around like Tom and Jerry everyday here in the shop. Stanley can hardly keep up with Snuggle Buns. Im pretty sure she's dropped an anvil or two on him and he has still yet to learn he can't catch her. I'll let you guess which one is Tom and which one is Jerry. 😂

If Hazel and Snuggle Buns were to chose Stanley would be a lone wolf. They know he takes all the credit for Denwerks favorite pet.

That's mainly why Hazel likes locking Stanley out. She doesn't get all the attention like Stanley does. But who has the last laugh, lol.



So every week I been showing some of my finds while driving around. Well, I figured I would show you one from 3-4 year ago, in Rome, yeah that Rome, Italy. See the Colosseum, that is one cool structure, until you see it in person you will never understand what a piece of craftsmanship that was. Honestly tons of stuff in Rome to see, lots of history, the Architecture 2000 years ago was amazing. Honestly I don't think we have the imagination to accomplish what they did back in the those times. Sure we have more technology, but we would cheaply build stuff, not make stuff out of solid marble, real timbers etc. Its like our modern cars, we will never build stuff like our vintage cars we love, It will be amazing what a 2018 car looks like 70 years from now, lol.

Anyways, I saw lots of Scooters in Rome, but only a few vintage ones. And Classic cars, hard to find honestly, but I did see some cool stuff. Right behind me was a sweet little Fiat 600, I think the guy told me it was a 1958, it was really awesome, so had to do a Rare Selfie, my hair was just right this day, so I figures why not!


This Beautiful collection of How to Restore your Model A Volumes 1-7! $110!

This collection shows you how to start and finish restoring your Model A.

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Rigs and Rootbeer

Just went in to check out some cool XKE's this last week. You don't see a line up like these very often, could we be involved with these, stay tuned, it may be possible. So as you already know, we like our Rootbeer here around the shop. So, had to stop by the Legendary Burgerville to get a nice cup of Barqs Rootbeer after checking out the Jags. This Rootbeer went great with a Gourmet Classic Tillomook Cheese Burger and Fries.

I am hoping Bargs Rootbeer will sponsor Denwerks one day!!!



1968 Chevrolet Camaro Track Car

Currently $3251 - 5 Days To GO!!

1964 Impala SS Convertible

Currently $22K - 4 Days to go!!

1966 Volkswagen Beetle

Currently at $6,600 - 5 days To GO

1978 Chevy K10

Currently $8400 NO RESERVE - 4 Days To GO!


Shipping out the War Jeeps

We have messed with a lot of M38 and M38A1 Willys War Time Jeeps here at Denwerks. We Found this really cool photo of an old jeep online how they would have come during WWII. I got interested so I dove into research. Basically it's an Assembly kit for when the jeeps would arrive over seas.

According to some of the articles I read, After the Cold War some of these crates were sold off for $50!!!

I knew the jeeps were sent over like this during the wars but I found it Intriguing to see how they actually shipped them!

Here are one of our Denwerks Jeeps we had a few years ago, it was awesome, this was one that we went all out on, lots of detail, and it just purred like a kitten!! This is a 1953 Willys M38A1.


Silly Traffic Laws

In Montana it's Illegal to leave your sheep unattended in your vehicle. Who knows what Kind of Mischief they could have without you!



So Wow, this goes way back!!! We started Blue Oval Ranch Inc, back in 2003. I had been messing with cars since 1988, but it was in 2003, were I quite my job, and came home and started playing with these old hunks of steel full time. This I bought in 2005, at a swap meet. It is a 1929 model, but if you know your Model A's, the 1928-29, and the 1930-31 were slightly different looking, especially in the Cowl, and Cabs. If you look at this one here, you can see it has a 1929 Cowl, but has a converted 2dr sedan cab with the rounded back. The true 28-29 cab, would have been very square looking at the back of the cab. I was new to Model A's at this time, and didn't know it. We all learn as we go in this wild hobby. It didn't hurt the value of this little guy at all. But I learned back at that time, 13 years ago, if you make a mistake, or find out new information about a car you bought, just tell people the good and the bad, so that way they know what they are buying. I did really like this thing though. The background was our shop at the time behind our house, eventually we paved it all, and it was looking great.


Funniest Parking Signs

New Segment this week. I've seen some Weird parking signs in Oregon so I thought this would be a good one. I cannot confirm that all of these are real... but for fun let's say they are!

According to my research... Australia has the weirdest traffic signs. I mean They also have gigantic spiders so it makes sense right?

This one is another from Australia but I could see this happening here in Oregon.

Email us in some of your favorite traffic signs over to us at and your Traffic sign might be featured next week!!!


Check out one of our Teaser Videos

Here's another fun video; Our Currently up for Auction 1968 Camaro Track Car. We've posted four New Intro Videos this week so check them out on youtube!



Life in the Shop

We've been hard at work on the shop as the winter season starts coming in... and the rain. The Windows are all framed and ready to be put in. Next up is the walls! BURRR it's cold in here!

In the midst of that were framing the other side of the buildings walls. Prepping them for better support and you guessed it; more windows!

It has been awesome to transform this old Barn into our new shop but hard at the same time, because we had our little shop just 3 months ago, and it was pretty much all dialed in. The is going to be a great adventure for sure, having 3 times the space is going to be awesome. P.S. Send money or make a Go Fund Me page, PLEASE : )



If your interested in any of these vehicles please contact us through the contact page or call Jason at 503-910-2085. We can help ship anywhere!

1975 Chevrolet C65: This truck is in amazing condition, cant wait to polish it up. The interior, paint, and engine compartment are amazing. Price not sure yet, but its cool!

1990 Nissan Skyline GTR TWIN TURBO - LOW MILES $38,900 OBO

Click Picture to watch Video

The Nissan will be up for Purchase soon on Ebay!

2002 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird Collectors Edition Convertible - LOW MILES $29,000 OBO

Click Picture to watch Video

The Pontiac will be up for Purchase soon on Ebay!

1923 Model T Touring $15,900 or Best Offer

1961 Norton Jubilee Project $2500 OBO



U Snooze U Lose - Just SOLD

This is really sad, Nothing sold this week, but we have a bunch of cars on! Check out our Live Auctions Page HERE:


Dont forget to email us a crazy traffic sign at!!!


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