Denwerks - Studebaker's Original Owner Reunited on Halloween

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and got lots of candy. Stanley sure did. Now he's starting to prepare for turkey and pie... lots of pie!!

If you look close below, looks like you couldn't pry the original owner out of the seat of this beautiful Studebaker Champ! I think his last words, were "this thing can rot in my back yard before I'd give it away!" : )


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NOS 1972 Ford F-100 Pickup PU Right Side Grille Piece R2

Comes with the original box! (box is a little beat up...)

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Rigs and Rootbeer

So this last week we had a lot of fun with our auctions. One of our cars, a cute little 1966 VW Bug, you may have seen on our site before, got fueled up during the end, I really think our little Bonus below helped sell this little guy. I mentioned during the auction bidding, that we might throw Stanley in on the deal....

One of the bidders mentioned something about Rootbeer during the auction. I said okay, Winner gets a 6 pack of Rootbeer. He mentioned one of the ones in the picture, Any guesses which one it was? (and yes that is Cream Soda on the end for the lightweights)


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We rolled out a big update to our website this week which allows comments on Live auctions and blog! No login required!

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Had some fun with my neighbor yesterday. Our field is right behind his house so I texted home and said "Hey, I wanted to let you know before the letter came out from the county planning dept, that we were going to put a couple bill boards up in our field so oncomers could see what we were up to" I waited a little bit to see what he would say. Then I got a text back, "There is no way Mrs. Denwerks is going to let that happen!" Then sent him my idea, lol.



Our live auction page had an overhaul too. From here on out if a car comes up for sale whether it be on Bringatrailer or Ebay that is directly from us you will be emailed with an article detailing the car and where to buy/bid on it from us!

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World War 2 Motorcycle Sidecars

Today we dont see motorcycles with sidecars much. If we do; they are usually movie props, Ural motorcycles, or some custom built motorcycle. We rarely see anything in between. During WW2 however the Allied forces and Axis forces relied on heavily on powerful sidecar motorcycles with excellent maneuverability.

Germans relied heavily on motorcycles because of the availability of conventional motorcycles. Germans produced far more motorcycles than automobiles at the time and; more Germans knew how to ride motorcycles. Adding a machine gun to an already practical vehicle just made sense.

The Gillet Herstal 720 AF

It's easy to guess that BMW, Harley Davidson, and BSA Models were out on the battlefield but there were a ton of other models including Benelli machines, Moto Guzzis, Ariels, FNs, Gileras, Gnome-Rhônes, Matchless bikes, Motosacoche sidecars, Terrots, Rikuos, Royal-Enfields and many more! If You were a motorcycle manufacturer you were probably helping with the war efforts!

The Rikuo Type 97

One of the most popular side cars was the Rikuo Type 97 and it's got one of the most interesting stories. What effectively began as a Harley-Davidson factory being transported to Japan for the purposes of producing licensed Harley machines for the Japanese, it all got rather embarrassing when Japan would go to war with the USA a few years later. Thanks to the success of the civilian model Rikuo models, the company would go on to produce an approximate 16,000 Type 97 models built purely for war – particularly to help the Japanese Imperial Army tac