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Denwerks - Studebaker's Original Owner Reunited on Halloween

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and got lots of candy. Stanley sure did. Now he's starting to prepare for turkey and pie... lots of pie!!

If you look close below, looks like you couldn't pry the original owner out of the seat of this beautiful Studebaker Champ! I think his last words, were "this thing can rot in my back yard before I'd give it away!" : )


NOS 1972 Ford F-100 Pickup PU Right Side Grille Piece R2

Comes with the original box! (box is a little beat up...)

Check out our other stuff on EBAY!!


Rigs and Rootbeer

So this last week we had a lot of fun with our auctions. One of our cars, a cute little 1966 VW Bug, you may have seen on our site before, got fueled up during the end, I really think our little Bonus below helped sell this little guy. I mentioned during the auction bidding, that we might throw Stanley in on the deal....

One of the bidders mentioned something about Rootbeer during the auction. I said okay, Winner gets a 6 pack of Rootbeer. He mentioned one of the ones in the picture, Any guesses which one it was? (and yes that is Cream Soda on the end for the lightweights)


NEW Comments Section

We rolled out a big update to our website this week which allows comments on Live auctions and blog! No login required!

Leave a comment at the end of the blog!



Had some fun with my neighbor yesterday. Our field is right behind his house so I texted home and said "Hey, I wanted to let you know before the letter came out from the county planning dept, that we were going to put a couple bill boards up in our field so oncomers could see what we were up to" I waited a little bit to see what he would say. Then I got a text back, "There is no way Mrs. Denwerks is going to let that happen!" Then sent him my idea, lol.



Our live auction page had an overhaul too. From here on out if a car comes up for sale whether it be on Bringatrailer or Ebay that is directly from us you will be emailed with an article detailing the car and where to buy/bid on it from us!

What you will also see on that page, on the right is Cars That are Just about to be Listed.


World War 2 Motorcycle Sidecars

Today we dont see motorcycles with sidecars much. If we do; they are usually movie props, Ural motorcycles, or some custom built motorcycle. We rarely see anything in between. During WW2 however the Allied forces and Axis forces relied on heavily on powerful sidecar motorcycles with excellent maneuverability.

Germans relied heavily on motorcycles because of the availability of conventional motorcycles. Germans produced far more motorcycles than automobiles at the time and; more Germans knew how to ride motorcycles. Adding a machine gun to an already practical vehicle just made sense.

The Gillet Herstal 720 AF

It's easy to guess that BMW, Harley Davidson, and BSA Models were out on the battlefield but there were a ton of other models including Benelli machines, Moto Guzzis, Ariels, FNs, Gileras, Gnome-Rhônes, Matchless bikes, Motosacoche sidecars, Terrots, Rikuos, Royal-Enfields and many more! If You were a motorcycle manufacturer you were probably helping with the war efforts!

The Rikuo Type 97

One of the most popular side cars was the Rikuo Type 97 and it's got one of the most interesting stories. What effectively began as a Harley-Davidson factory being transported to Japan for the purposes of producing licensed Harley machines for the Japanese, it all got rather embarrassing when Japan would go to war with the USA a few years later. Thanks to the success of the civilian model Rikuo models, the company would go on to produce an approximate 16,000 Type 97 models built purely for war – particularly to help the Japanese Imperial Army tackle rough terrain during their invasion of China. Powered by a 1274cc v-twin engine capable of 22 hp, this motorcycle sidecar rig was one of the most iconic of the Second World War.
If your interested in reading more CLICK HERE to check out this really cool article on WW2 motorcycles!

Speaking of Motorcycles

I saw this yesterday, a 1981 Moto Guzzi V50 Monza, it is a 500cc bike, I guess they are pretty rare in the States. They built this model from 1981-1983. If anyone knows anything about these please give me a little guidance, it is new to me, and I would like to learn more. Will I buy it not sure yet, thinking about it!


Silly Traffic Laws

It's illegal to drive in Massachusetts with a gorilla in the backseat of your car. Luckily it's alright if one's driving or in the front seat.



Sweet little 1973 Saab 93 that slipped through our hands. Funny The guy who bought this called me yesterday. He still has it, we sold this back in 2016, wow 2016 sounds not that long ago, but it was 2 years crazy. He needed some help with shipping another car he bought last week and remembered I had a good shipper. I loved this little 96, super time capsule, original paint, interior etc. It is funny, everyone gives us and other sellers a bad time for putting a VW Bug Rack on a VW Bug. I throw a VW Bug Rack on a Saab 96 and every thinks its awesome!!!!

Look how original this little guy is! The story on this one was, it was bought for a guys wife. They ended up getting separated, and he tried to give it to his new girlfriend. That did not work out so well, she refused to drive it, and it sat in an airport hanger, from around 1980-2016!

Even down to the original Oregon Plates.


Funniest Parking Signs

I was on my way to work this morning and saw this. I did make it to work but a few minutes late. Sign was right!

Apparently the farm down the street has something or someone named Bob that I should be afraid of. No idea if it's an animal or man.

This one is a submission someone emailed us last week.... Thank you Bob for this sign!! Not quite sure how to process this one. Maybe there's a farm on a cliff. Maybe it's raining cows. I'll let you decide.

Email us in some of your favorite traffic signs over to us at and your Traffic sign might be featured next week!!!


Check out one of our Videos

For my BaT friends; Here's my first EVER attempt at a walk around video. I started doing videos back in 2016 and to be honest I had no idea what I was doing. I knew a lot of people on liked having videos because it shows you some things on a car you can't see in a photo. Videos made it feel like you were actually there looking under the hood and listening to the cars engine. A long way we have come from this first video! This one is also only 10 minutes vs my +30 minute walk around video now! 🤗 This set the foundation for my current videos and it's cool to look back how far we've come!


Life in the Shop

The Shop's coming along nicely with it's newest edition. THE DOORS.

Yesterday we finished up putting in the last door! They are functional too and not just for looks! The more we put walls up the darker it's getting in the shop. We should probably start thinking about putting lights up....

Were also getting closer to being able to lock the employees up in the building! 😂

If you compare this to last weeks picture; there isn't much new to see here. However we did finish the framework all the way down and we put our first window in to see how it would look! Were pretty excited to see how this turns out!

Tuesday for lunch we all huddled up in the garage since it was 40 degrees out. Of course I'm still out in my shorts. Stanley as usual is out eyeballing everyone's lunch.



We have more Rigs, but are are a few to look at, you can see more on our Cars for Sale page.

1968 Camaro Track car - Coming to Ebay Soon.

1975 Chevrolet C65: This truck is in amazing condition, cant wait to polish it up. The interior, paint, and engine compartment are amazing. Price not sure yet, but its cool!

1990 Nissan Skyline GTR TWIN TURBO - LOW MILES $38,900 OBO

Click Picture to watch Video

The Nissan is up for Purchase on Ebay! Read up on it here!

2002 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird Collectors Edition Convertible - LOW MILES $29,000 OBO

Click Picture to watch Video

The Pontiac is up for Purchase on Ebay! Read up on it here!

1923 Model T Touring $15,900 or Best Offer

1961 Norton Jubilee Project $2500 OBO



U Snooze U Lose - Just SOLD

1964 Impala SS Convertible - SOLD Heading to New Jersey

1966 Volkswagen Beetle - SOLD Heading to Idaho

1978 Chevy K10 - SOLD Heading to Wisconsin


Dont forget to email us a Traffic Sign at!

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