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Denwerks - Thanksgiving Morning Special

We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope everyone has a great time with family and friends. We just wanted to thank you so much for your support, encouraging words, watching our auctions, etc. We have made a lot of very nice folks this year, and hope those friendships continue. It is amazing how the car hobby can bring folks together, it is awesome. We wish everyone safe travels during this holiday season. #DENWERKS


Picked up something pretty cool this week at the Swap meet!

Found an Original S Code, 1967 Mustang 390 GT Air cleaner and Valve covers. All original, Decal, Paint etc, extremely hard to find in original condition. They are pretty rare and can be pretty expensive! I had to have it for myself.



1979 Porsche 911 SC Turbo Brochure $45!

Check out our other stuff on EBAY!!


The Weirdest Rig I've Seen all Week

I Call this one the Cluckity chicken. KFC should use this to deliver! You wont ever see me sell something like this I assure you! 😂



So Mrs. Denwerks and I traveled to Sisters, Oregon to pick up this 1952 Willys M38, what a cream puff, supper nice authentic Military Jeep. All the right stuff, ID numbers, etc, can't wait to put this back into service.

This was amazing, we walked in the front door of these folks vacation home, and went tinto their living room, WOW. They look at this everyday, and look close, Mama, Baby and Papa showed up, what a beautiful site. We were able to feed them as well. Believe me I forgot all about the M38 when I saw this view. Picture can not even describe how majestic this was!!!. Only a Creator can create something like this!!

I just want to thank the folks who served and protected our great country, thank you for your service. I think that is why I have a thing for old Military things, just reminds of folks willing to risk their lives so that we can have this freedom. Thank You.

I Went to the Albany Swap meet on Saturday and I kept walking by this really nice l looking 1965 Volkswagen Beetle. I probably walked by it 20 times before I had enough and threw my money down at the guy. Super excited to have another beetle!


Pops do we have any Auctions Running????

Sure we do little Stanley, check them out below, we got to keep the heat on some how, so you don't freeze this winter!!!

2011 BMW M3 - NICE


This one is neat, it has has the XAA code under the bonnet, special Porsche build.




Okay now this is getting sad, I walk into our bank the other day, and the tellers know I love a hand full of Dum-Dums - 3 Rootbeer Suckers, what are the odds!!!!


Silly Car Laws

in Nevada It’s illegal to ride a camel on the highway. Sometimes while I write this I really start to wonder. Someone would have had to do these things right or it wouldn't have become a law? 😂

The video below did actually happen but it was in Dubai.



This 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 was one of the fastest cars I have ever sold! This car had a 426 Supercharged engine, over 100K was put into this car when it was new, crazy, totally. Guy bought it new, and took it all all apart, new engine, trans, rearend, suspension, brakes, paint etc, wicked car. Believe me there were was not enough meat on those tires. We sold this one back in June of 2016. Super clean car and again it was super fast!


Funniest Road Signs

The Invincible Moose; one of the rarest creatures to find. This one must stay around this area.


Check out one of our Videos

This isn't car related other than were in the shop and a Gremlin is in the background. Here's a good video of Stanley goofing around. 😂



We have more Rigs, but are are a few to look at, you can see more on our Cars for Sale page.

2016 Fiat - $9,950 OBO! 31-40 MPG Only 23,000 Miles!

1968 Camaro Track car $29,968 Check it out on Ebay! CLICK PICTURE - 100 Plus Photos, Full 30 Minute Video, Cool Car ready to Rumble!!

2012 Chevrolet Silverado LT, Low Miles, $24,900 Super Clean, 1 owner

1975 Chevrolet C65: This truck is in amazing condition, cant wait to polish it up. The interior, paint, and engine compartment are amazing. Price not sure yet, but its cool!

1990 Nissan Skyline GTR TWIN TURBO - LOW MILES $38,900 OBO

Click Picture to watch Video

The Nissan is up for Purchase on Ebay! Read up on it here!

2002 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird Collectors Edition Convertible - LOW MILES $29,000 OBO

Click Picture to watch Video

The Pontiac is up for Purchase on Ebay! Read up on it here!

1923 Model T Touring $15,900 or Best Offer

1961 Norton Jubilee Project $2500 OBO





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