Denwerks - Santa is Watching!

Hey its getting close, Santa is watching. Boy, Stanley is looking large and in charge in this photo, lol. It takes a lot of treats these days to get him to stand and take a photo, we have to pay him handsomely! He had a great time today with our friend Randy. We met Randy through Bring a Trailer, and he recently bought our little red 1966 VW bug. He is from Idaho, and stopped in today to pick it up and drive it back to Rupert, ID. Really glad to meet him in person finely, to long time friendships, and safe travels home for him! And as promised in the Auction, check out the next photo!

Yep, right toward the end of the auction someone commented, they wanted Brownie Carmel Rootbeer if they won. So I said, okay, Top Bidder gets a 12 Pack of Americas Finest, here it is under the hood as promised!!!



Last week was cold. It was muddy. It was rainy. It just sucked lets say that! It was the first week in awhile when we didn't have a Rigs and Rootbeer, our fingers were frozen at the nubs, so sorry we missed last saturday! We were working hard all week to get some walls up before the cold came in. This picture was taken before the rain. It was pretty muddy but trust me it got worse the next day when it down poured on us.


West Coast Meets East Coast

Our little jeep left a couple weeks ago and I got an email the other day with some great shots showing the whole family in the Jeep! I just noticed in the picture actually, they got a little pooch of their own I bet Stanley would want to hang out with that little guy!! Sharon bought this little 1956 Willys CJ5 from us to use on their ranch in Dickerson, Maryland on 38 Acres of fun, she was super excited about it. I am glad that the whole family is enjoying this little guy!!! She said, everyone was fighting to get behind the wheel, and even her son, watched a video on Youtube on how to drive a manual transmission, so lots of people getting in line to drive this little guy. Have fun with it!!!!



1969 1970 Mustang Door panel trim light emblem cups wood Pass Side Mach 1 Shelby


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The Weirdest Rig I've Seen all Week


So I was wondering if you guys heard about the new photographer in Amsterdam. He's been going around at night and decorating Normal everyday cars into hot rod cars with cardboard. He's felt as if the cars are giving everyday folk a Supercar. Check out more on this story here




Just picked this up last night, been on the hunt for one of these for a while. Very rear little 1966 Yamaha 50. They only built these from 1966-68, some sources say they were only 700 of these rare little scooters were built. Yamaha called them the PINK LADY. They came with White Fringe seat, Pink, and a basket. This thing is amazing was bought new by a gentleman that worked at a Yamaha dealer in the midwest. He thought it was something really neat. In the 70's they family moved to Oregon, and at that time only had 13 miles on it, Yes 13 miles, it was put on display in their Living room up until a few months ago. It is running, and is in unbelievable original condition, it has 15 miles on it now!!! Watch for it really soon!

Family Truckster

I am pretty excited about this, here is a sneak peak of our new to us International Travelall, these are amazing rigs. I used to have one of these a few years ago, same color scheme. Watch for more info!

What behind Door #3

Any Guesses what this is, Yep it will be here today, watch for more info! All I can saw for now is it is Mint, and only has 56K on the odometer!


I know this has nothing to do with cars, but WOW, Mrs. Denwerks and I saw Metallica this last week in Portland at the Moda Center, and they just blew us away!!! There were people of all ages!! It was funny, James Hatfield the lead singer, said, he never thought Metallica would be the Oldies some day, well here they are!!! It was really cool to see them having fun still, 37 years this band has been together and they really know how to put on a great show.

Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire...

Throttle up for speed ahead, yeah ahead....

Fuel these pumping engines....

Quench my thirst with gasoline.....

Can't fight the need for speed.....,

Well with Lyrics like that, Heck Yeah this post Applies, sounds like Car Folks To ME!!!


What's coming up Pops?