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Denwerks - Ringing in the New Year with New Rigs!

We Finally made it past the holidays! We had a couple days off here at Denwerks and we hope you all got a good rest over your break! But now the fun begins as we kick off 2019. Were excited to start finding some new rigs for you all and look forward to a great year! We had a busy year, lots of stuff going on, which included a House and shop move, which was a huge chore. We were still able in 2018 to sell 50 cars on alone! That's 10 more cars than we sold in 2017 on Bring a Trailer!



Okay we are starting the year off right, at least in Stanleys eyes, BULL DOG ROOT BEER!!!


I love taking photos in the shop. It's a blast being able to see them all together and being worked on. Look closely you'll see some future rigs coming up. 🤪

We do our best to get the best shots. If you remember I made Nolan get on the tractor one time to get some shots. I think he prefers the latter though since he's afraid of heights. 😀


10 Favorite DENWERKS rigs in 2018

So Nolan, our Video and Photo Guru, wanted to pick his favorite Denwerks Cars for 2018. So check them out below. It's Crazy to think we sold over 50 Rigs this year just on! I've compiled a list of my favorite cars from 2018! I've rated these cars based on uniqueness, photography, and overall just a delightful rig!

10. 1964 Chevrolet Grummans Van

It's no surprise our 100th bringatrailer rig made it to my top 10. I remember when we were preparing to do the 100th car and we thought it was going to be the 1974 Gremlin but Jason was like "nope lets do the big Grummans van". Everything from start to finish is done so tasteful by the Denwerks team. Jason knows what he's doing even though most of the team thinks he's crazy sometimes on these rigs!

Above ; When we first picked up the Grummans.

When we first started with this rig the wheels and bumper were blue. There was some dirt and grime which Jason and the team do an excellent job of detailing and cleaning up. By the time this rig was ready for auction I wanted to buy it and make a little Ice cream truck out of it!

9. 1930 Willys Whippet

I had never heard or seen this car until this year (im newish to the car scene) but immediately when I heard the name and saw the rig I played Whip It by DEVO every chance I got. I think Jason even loved the idea of the song with the rig. I wanted to put the song in the intro but you know; copyright laws. This rig was a great example of a car that maintained it's originally from the 30's.

8. 1968 Ford Torino GT Pace Car

This one was one of my favorites this year. I didn't know a bunch about Pace cars and this one really helped me learn more about them and there history. What was really intriguing on this one was the fact that it was one of 709 ordered with the Indianapolis Pace Car Promotion package.

The best part was getting to help Jason and Stanley put the original Promotion Package stickers back on. Jason didn't think we could do it but I was up for the challenge! 😁

7. 1971 Datsun 240Z Scarab

This was one of the unique ones we sold this year. Diana, one of the mechanics owned this car for quite a few years and had taken great care of this rig. Scarabs are pretty rare making the market unpredictable. We weren't sure what it was going to sell for but were pretty happy for what we got!

6. 1956 Willys CJ5

I've never been really intrigued by these rigs until after I road in this one. We had a great time driving around in the fields in this thing with Stanley chasing after us. For me the best part was the color of the rig. I wish this one glowed in the dark! 😉

5. 1974 AMC Gremlin 401 XR

The Gremlin was one of those rare cars you might only see once. in 1970's The Randall family build 21 of these Gremlins with a 401 X. Those Gremlins are hard to find and documented properly as the vins were never recorded. This one is number 22 built in the 2000's by the Randall family which is where the R comes from in the 401 XR. Out of all the rigs we've owned none has sounded scarier than this beast!

4. 1974 Maverick Grabber

This rig is the one I wish I could have snatched up before Jason sold it. I would have made a daily driver of it and best of all it was somewhere in my price range at the time! I dont know what it was about this rig but this Maverick will always be one of my favorites.

3. 1964 Chevrolet Impala

Impala's have always been my favorite ever since I started watching Supernatural and the main character car of choice is a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala. This one in particular was very photogenic and a great example of a classic Impala.

2. 1964 Austin Mini Cooper

The Austin Mini Cooper has quickly become one of my favorite most desirable cars. I wasn't that sure about it when we first got it but then I drove it. I felt like I went back in time as a kid driving go carts with my dad. Of course I didn't have my dad trying to spin me out while driving this, but it brought back some great memories from my childhood. I anticipated this to drive like a bug, but man was I wrong. Hopefully one day I can get one of these to drive around and just have a blast in!

1. 1945 Dodge Blackout Edition

I am a big WW2 history buff and that's why this rig got my #1 for the year. As you know; during 1945 WW2 was going on. During this time all the chrome, Stainless steel, and car manufacturers were helping with War Efforts which is why this is considered the Blackout Edition. No Chrome was originally on this truck and very few civilian vehicles were made during this year let alone still around. This one is considered to be a one owner truck up until we sold it and it had some changes made in the 90's!


I find a lot of cool rigs during the week. As you know we picked up the Ghia and were excited for you to get it! You find some sweet stuff while your out looking too! I convinced the owner to sweeten the pot a little more with this Ghia and I got something else in the deal.... I'll give you a hint it's in the photo above!




NO im crazy but not that crazy. I did find this cool 1985 Ford YT18 Lawn Mower though! She runs too which is always a good thing when it's thrown in the deal! Will have to see if I decide to put this on BaT or not. I may just keep it! 😊

Here's a little ad for 1985 Ford YT18 in 1985. Seems like ours aged pretty well!!



1973 Moto Guzzi



1974 Karmann Ghia





1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 Chevrolet GMC TRUCK 5 WINDOW Right Passenger Glass

Check out our other stuff on EBAY!!


Craziest Cars on Craigslist

I'll just leave this Truck here for you all to read... We found this on the local Craigslist this morning... Comment below!


Silly Traffic Laws

This one goes out to all the locals. Did you know by law, you must yield to pedestrians when driving on the sidewalk in Oregon?


Check out one of our Videos

You've probably seen our Karmann Ghia on Bringatrailer but did you watch the intro?




Last week we added a new Comment section all the way at the bottom. Something goofy happen, if you went to the blog from the email feed, it didn't show up from using your phone, but if you used a computer it did, something to do with mobile device. Let me know if it works this week.

Free Denwerks Decal to anyone who makes a comment, thanks for the help. Email us afterwards, and give us your address.



We have more Rigs, but are are a few to look at, you can see more on our Cars for Sale page.

2016 Fiat "FiFi - $9900


1975 Chevrolet C65 - $7500

1990 Nissan Skyline GTR TWIN TURBO - LOW MILES $29,500 OBO

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2002 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird Convertible - LOW MILES $29,000 OBO

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1923 Model T Touring $12,900 or Best Offer

1961 Norton Jubilee Project $2500 OBO



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