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Weekly Update : Another Round of Cars and Coffee THIS SUNDAY

Don't Forget if your a local here in Salem Oregon who loves cars and coffee you dont wanna miss this weekends event! There will be lots of cool cars; each event is a surprise as to what will arrive! Come grab a cup of Joe and check out some cool rigs. I'm sure Jason will bring something cool from our shop for you to check out as well.

The Fussy Duck

3170 Commercial St SE

Salem, OR 97302

8AM - 10 AM

Feast your eyes my friends we have TWO auctions starting this evening. The 1930 Model A and 1926 Model T will be live tonight at 19:00:00 PDT. You can click the images below to check out some pictures now. Check back this evening to see the auction!

As always check out our eBay shop for more awesome items you can buy right now! we have a wide range of items so go get them before they're gone! Click the Ebay Button below to check out some items!

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